Use your credit report to protect yourself from identity theft

Many of us believe that identity theft is the problem of naive or uninformed people. Unfortunately, along with the technology development also various forms of delinquency are constantly developing. We never know what new technique of fraud has just been invented. Currently, identity thieves have more and more possibilities and ways to steal our identity. … [Read more…]

My gun, my business – it makes me feel safer

Let’s talk about open carrying People who claim to belong to “the open carry movement” have been shocking the public for the recent few years by openly carrying firearms in restaurants or parks. Such pictures evoked a discussion about weak state laws which, despite certain regulations, allow for such behavior. The movement members believe that … [Read more…]

Self-defense for real beginners

You do not have to be super high, muscular or combative to defend yourself. Some of us even have this instinctive “knowledge” how to fight which can be very useful in a situation when someone wants to hurt us (you will surely find at least one viral video on the internet which shows an old … [Read more…]