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Written by Pat Webb   
Tuesday, 23 April 2013 09:18
There are many new and well used "code words" floating around these days, as well as the not-so-new ones.  Let's decipher some of them....
"Common Sense":  This term, especially when spoken by a politician, indicates an attempt to sway your personal opinion using emotion and carefully selected events to prove a predetermined outcome.  These events when presented as a group offer "proof" to justify the personal beliefs or prejudices of the presenter.
"Gun Show Loophole":  This term has been bandied about by politicians, journalists, and many who think that the average citizen is not capable of being responsible for their own actions.  Make no mistake, There is no magic line that nullifies any firearms laws when you enter a gun show.  In fact, there are undercover BATFE agents and local law enforcement officers who are present in droves at gun shows with the sole intent of catching those who would attempt to break the law.
"Unlicensed Dealer":  There is no such thing.  Anyone "engaging in the business" of buying and selling firearms for the profit motive is REQUIRED by federal law to obtain a Federal Firearms License (FFL).  Private individuals are NOT required to have a license to sell their own personal property...firearms included.  Guns sold from one law abiding citizen to another are not required to undergo a background check.  This simple fact is what prevents us from having a national gun registry.
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Written by Second Amendment Sisters   

In the wake of the defeat of several bills which violently assaulted our Constitution and our Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Obama made an emotional appeal to those who would listen for continued efforts enforce MOB RULE and undermine the Bill of Rights.  Make no mistake, any form of Universal Background Check (UBC) which requires revealing the make, model and serial number of the firearm being transferred along with the personal information of the buyer and seller is a form of gun registration.  The only thing standing between National Registration and your guns today is the ability to facilitate a private transaction without running the transaction through the NICS system.  There are already laws in place which prohibit individuals from transferring guns to known felons, even via private sales.

Obama accused gun owners and groups pledging to defend the Second Amendment of lying about the content of the bill.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Either Obama didn't read the bill or he didn't understand the verbiage.  Either way, it is a sad testament to the integrity of the office he currently holds.  Here are some indisputable facts:

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Written by Pat Webb   
Wednesday, 10 April 2013 09:37


Obama's 4/8/13 Speech at University of Hartford

Observations by Pat Webb

National Coordinator for Second Amendment Sisters


As I watched and listened I was struck by the content...or lack thereof.  There was an ever-present theme of exploitation.  This concept is not new, and sadly is used by demagogues consistently.  The tactic is to enflame emotion and cloud logical reasoning.  Obama did just that when he played on the raw scars of the families, friends and neighbors of those who lost their lives in the recent Sandy Hook massacre.


Obama is campaigning for a re-instatement of the "Assault Weapon Ban" (AWB).  He is calling for restrictions on normal capacity magazines.  The new piece of legislation he is promoting is a Universal Background Check (UBC).  The promise here is that if we pass these bills we will be "protecting our children" from further attacks.  The stated purpose is to enhance public safety.  In another recent speech, this time before the Denver Police Academy, Obama said he doesn't want to restrict gun ownership, and urges gun owners to, "...get the facts.  We're not proposing a gun registration system, we're proposing background checks for criminals."  In his U of Hartford speech he expounded on that delusion by claiming that in order to prevent more mass murders, "as a society we must change."  The premise is that passing these restrictions on LAW ABIDING citizens that somehow CRIMINAL behavior will be curbed.  So let's examine the FACTS America.


Fact 1:  The government's own study has proven that the previous AWB did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to prevent crime.  In fact, such bans can have a negative effect on violent crime.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the cities and states with the strictest gun control laws have the highest crime rates...rates that INCREASED after the laws were made more stringent.

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Written by SAS   
Tuesday, 09 April 2013 08:12


April 9, 2013

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Lakeway, TX-- The Second Amendment Sisters are made up of Mothers, Sisters, Aunts, and Grandmothers. We only wish the President and Congress would place their efforts where they belong and that is on criminal activity. Firearms are not to blame for the acts of murders or the insane. The current debate ignores self-responsibility. The responsibility for criminal acts lies with the criminal himself.  The law-abiding citizens' responsibility to protect oneself, property, or family has been left out of the debate. If we do not hold individual criminals responsible, and if we instead limit our own liberties in reaction to their crimes, then we are effectively being forced to assume responsibility for their actions."

Second Amendment Sisters, Inc. is a grass-roots organization dedicated to preserving the basic human right of self-defense.


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