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Physician Affidavit PDF Print E-mail
Written by SAS   
Wednesday, 18 May 2011 22:40

Here is a  tool to give to your doctor if he/she starts to ask/advise you about your possession of firearms.



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Written by Pat Webb   
Monday, 21 March 2011 18:28

One might ask, “What does this have to do with me?” I am sure most of you remember the “assault” weapons ban.  Arbitrary features on certain rifles made them illegal if they were manufactured after a certain date.  Now the ATF would like to do the same with imported shotguns.  This is a back-door assault on the Second Amendment.  If this rule is instituted, what will be next?

Some of the 10 features which would bar a shotgun from import are integrated rails, light enhancing devices, forward pistol grips, collapsing/folding or telescoping stocks, flash suppressors and magazines which hold more than 5 rounds. The premise is that these features are not necessary for “sporting purposes”.  Well, frankly, I never saw the phrase “sporting purposes” in the Bill of Rights!  Our United States Constitution says that “...the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. ”

In addition to the proposed rule being unconstitutional, it will violate the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Light enhancing devices (think fiber optic sights) allow many to clearly see their sights.  Telescoping stocks allow fathers, mothers and children to share a firearm in a safe manner.  Forward pistol grips allow for more controllability, making it viable for many with disabilities to still effectively use a shotgun safely.

What can you do?

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Currently before the Virginia Legislature PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pat Webb   
Sunday, 13 February 2011 13:01

Here is an outline gun related legislation in Virginia and its status as of February 11, 2011.. Credit for compiling and maintaining this list goes to the Virginia Citizens Defense League and updated information can be found at the following link:  http://www.vcdl.org/static/2011leg.html 

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Arizona Fights Back PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 16 January 2011 14:03


Hello Freedom Lovers,
It is the end of a VERY LONG WEEK. The events in Tucson have dominated the news and the minds of America. I thought I would share some observations by SAS, things we have kept track of, things being said about the event and actions across the country, our thoughts on the event. This is for your info, hope it helps you not only deal with the tragedy of the event, but also situations you may encounter later, and the anti-rights messages and actions you may run across. Let me know if I missed something, I'll blast that out too. 
First, SAS national's formal statement about the event was posted on our website: www.2asisters.org, I will share it here:
The tragic occurrence at AZ Congresswoman Gifford's "Congress on Your Corner" event this week has captured the minds and hearts of America. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families. 
As Second Amendment Sisters, we will simply continue to adhere to our conviction that self-defense is our right and responsibility. In that context, our appreciation goes to those citizens who took action to stop the attack and to those in the spot light who are remaining above the political rhetoric that revolves around this terrible incident. No law or rule can change or prevent the actions of someone who is obviously determined to harm others. This is a human issue, it is our hope that people will show respect to those that are suffering and keep them in their prayers. 
Second, I wanted to give you some factoids shared/learned by the gun community here is AZ. It is my hope that these are things you can use, things we can do to fend off those who will use this event against us to try to disarm us.
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