LIAR LIAR… – note from Tiffany

A note from Tiffany
an addition to an article, LIAR LIAR by Maria Heil

This is an article about the John Walsh Show that aired 4/29/03, in which I was a guest, and my subsequent letter to the editor.

With the current events going on in our country and the world, I feel that women responsibly arming themselves is a very important topic, especially for all of those women who live alone or whose husbands are overseas. Whether or not women carry a firearm is their choice, but there is nothing wrong with having the understanding and training so that choice can be an informed decision.

During the show I feel that Lisa, Maria and myself were singled out as contributing to gun violence among children simply because we are women with children. No one focused on the fact that Lisa, and I are both survivors of physical violence and violent crimes. Even though we are both well educated, well trained gun safety advocates, we were discriminated against based on our gender and John Walsh contributed to that discrimination.

I interpreted his show to state that it is ok for a man like himself to own a firearm, but because we are women somehow we were not as qualified as he is. Please consider publishing a story on the misrepresentation that was displayed on national television so that the issue can be given a chance for more representation. I welcome any type of debate forum, such as what they attempted to achieve on the John Walsh show, but not in such an unprofessional, poorly prepared arena. Your time and attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

Tiffany Hyatt Theriot