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The usual response when Americans witness or hear of legislators or law enforcement agencies overstepping their appropriate bounds is to demand action. ‘Something has to be done about this!’ is the cry. ‘Someone needs to do something!’ Occasionally, people will group together and wave banners and chant. This is often enough for most to feel better and be comforted. In effect they stamp their feet and shake their ineffectual little fists.

Working to change things is difficult. It is tiresome. It is tedious. Yet this difficult, tiresome, tedium is essential to effect change.

It is this difficult, tiresome, tedious work that has improved conditions in Pennsylvania, and Second Amendment Sisters takes extreme pride in applauding Judy Brown, our State Coordinator, whose diligent work has clarified the position of the State Attorney General and enforced guidelines for the State Police.

At question was the honoring of Florida Concealed Carry Permits obtained by Pennsylvania residents as well as out of state gun owners no matter whether or not Florida is their home state. While the Attorney General’s position had always been that these permits be honored in the Keystone State, the State Police chose to ignore that policy.

Judy Brown’s dedicated labor has resulted in a careful explanation of procedure by the State Attorney General. The PA State Police have indicated they will post an update to their website deferring to the PA AG’s instructions.

Working in conjunction with other pro-Second Amendment groups in the state, Judy persevered in her efforts to bring law enforcement into conformity with the enactment of laws concerning reciprocity with other states. On a wider basis her labors have re-enforced the essential separation of powers. The police may not interpret laws. It is not their prerogative to choose which laws to uphold and how they will be enforced. The Attorney General interprets regulations and the State Police follow his guidelines.

Judy Brown has been recognized for her painstaking work by the NJ Coalition for Self-Defense, along with the pro-gun groups in PA with which she worked. She is an example of how to effect change when change should and must occur.

Second Amendment Sisters is a grassroots organization dedicated to preserving the individual basic human right to self-defense.