Second Amendment Sisters is pleased and proud to announce that we are joining Southeastern Legal Foundation, Inc. in filing an amicus brief in the Supreme Court hearing of Washington, D.C. v. Heller. Southeastern Legal Foundation, Inc., founded in 1976, is a national constitutional public interest law firm and policy center that has participated in more than a dozen successful U.S. Supreme Court cases in its 31-year history (

SAS has watched this case closely, since it was originally prepared as Parker v. Washington, D.C. The successful outcome of that case in the lower court was heartening to all who believe in the Second Amendment and in the basic human right of self-defense. We are particularly interested in the benefits of firearms in self-defense for women, the elderly, and the disabled.

The city’s 1975 handgun ban has made it extremely difficult for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves and their families within the confines of their own domiciles. If this prohibitive law is found unconstitutional, for the first time in three decades residents of the nation’s capital will be allowed to have an effective means of protection within their homes.

This case does not address carrying a firearm, either concealed or openly, on the streets of the city. It does not address the legality of the city to limit the use of firearms in the city. This case addresses the constitutionality of the city to override the Second Amendment rights of individuals to keep and bear arms.

Second Amendment Sisters believes that self-defense is a basic human right. We have a right to life; we have a right to defend that life and the lives of those around us; we have a right to the means to do so.

If we are denied the means to defend our life, we are effectively denied our right to life itself. For over thirty years the citizens of Washington, D.C. have been denied the right to a means of protecting their lives, and thereby denied their basic human right to life.

We are confident in a positive outcome to the Supreme Court hearing. The rights of individuals are important to all judges.

Second Amendment Sisters is a grassroots organization dedicated to preserving the individual basic human right to self-defense.