Self-defense for real beginners

You do not have to be super high, muscular or combative to defend yourself. Some of us even have this instinctive “knowledge” how to fight which can be very useful in a situation when someone wants to hurt us (you will surely find at least one viral video on the internet which shows an old lady using her umbrella, bag or just fiercely punching the aggressor to avoid being mugged). Here are some simple ideas in case you are attacked by someone, but you are not a “fighter-type”.

  1. Pull and yank your attacker’s ears. It is a very unpleasant “torture”. It will give you some time to escape.
  2. Run away. Do not think how huge cowardice it is, you are not competing with anyone, just think about your safety which is the most important.
  3. Slap the opponent’s ear with your palm. If you do it hard and fast enough, you will make pressure in his ear canal and make him dizzy for a moment. And you need this moment.
  4. Poke in the eye. It can cause a real damage to your attacker.
  5. Use your elbow. It is more effective than punching. If you strike a temple, you can even kill the opponent, or just make him lose consciousness.
  6. Loud noise can distract your attacker and (know that he is as scared as you are) you can gain some time to run away.
  7. Use headbutt. You think that it will hurt you? No, if you do it right. Push the aggressor back, then forward (it will open his arms and prepare him for your move) and then remember to turn your head down so as to make the opponent’s face meet your hard bone.
  8. Use the guillotine choke. It is well known in jiu-jitsu and MMA. Here is what you are going to do: a) start with taking your attacker’s head down toward your armpit, b) then, use your arm to round his head across the throat so that the back of the neck is under your choking arm, c)catch your second hand and clench the attacker’s throat.
  9. Hit the solar plexus. It will give you a moment to take control over the opponent or to escape.
  10. Use some personal items from your bag or pocket, for example, your comb. A simple comb can cause a lot of pain!
  11. Break the aggressor’s nose. The most effective way is the upwards palm strike.
  12. Blow the vagus nerve. It is located below the ear, on the neck. Strong blow can end up even with death, the weaker one will cause some pain or muscle spasms.
  13. Kick your opponent’s knee with your sole. Knee is a very difficult area which is impossible to block, so why not to use this opportunity?
  14. If the opponent holds your wrist:  do not pull it away until your thumb is in the line with the place where the attacker’s thumb meets the rest of fingers. Then, you can try to jerk it rapidly.